Jane Danson Reveals Weightloss Was Down to Stress And Worry, Not A Healthy Diet


JD1Coronation Street actress Jane Danson has revealed that getting back to her pre-pregnancy shape was down to stress and worry over  the mystery illness that was surrounding  her youngest son Sam Alfie Robert, now 5 months. She said:

“He really did suffer and I was  very worried about him – all he did was cry the whole time. He would literally cry all day from the second he woke up.

 “I filmed it on my mobile phone to prove to the doctor how bad it was. I couldn’t wind him and I couldn’t feed him properly – it was a terrible time.

“I went backwards and forwards to the doctor and the hospital. It went on for three months. But as a mum you know when something’s not right and you’ve got to stick to your guns.”

To read about what was wrong with Sam click

Eventually Jane took Sam to a paediatrician who diagnosed him with silent reflux, a very painful condition similar to heartburn. It means there is acid from a baby’s stomach rising into their throat then going back down, causing an agonising burning feeling. The right medication cured it quickly but she says the situation took its toll on her own health.

She had gained 2st 7lbs during pregnancy and after giving birth she was a stone heavier than her pre-pregnancy weight of 8st. But worrying about Sam meant she was soon back to 8st.

“I was trying to eat sensibly but most of the weight loss was down to stress. I wish I could say it was down to a wonderful diet, but it wasn’t. Sam was in a really bad way and it was nervous energy.

“I can’t remember much about that time – it’s all a bit of a blur. But I was constantly on the go, not getting much sleep and eating on the run.”

Thankfully now, Sam is fine, and Jane has returned back to work on Coronation Street. But with two boys people often ask if she’ll be trying for a third child in the future — something she has ruled out.

“I have two healthy boys. I love  them, they are my absolute world – and I’m done. I can honestly say hand on heart that I have no desire to be pregnant again.”

And she admits she wasn’t even sure about having a second child.

“I wondered whether I could love a second one as much. I  said to Rob [Beck, Jane’s husband], ‘But I don’t know if I’ll love anybody as much as I love [son] Harry Alexander Jack. And he said, ‘Yes, but can you imagine having another one like that?’

“Now I can’t imagine my life  without either of them – I discovered you do have enough love for however many children you have.”

Source: Sunday Mirror, photo by Rachel Joseph

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