Myleene Klass Bravely Reveals She Suffered A Miscarriage While Presenting Radio


Radio personality Myleene Klass has bravely opened up and revealed how she once suffered a miscarriage whilst presenting her live radio programme — and still ploughed through to finish the show. Discussing the devastating event she said:

‘I was on air. I went to the loo while the music was playing and there was blood everywhere. I didn’t know what to do. I had one hour left of my show.

In complete shock with what was unfolding in front of her and unable to piece together what to do next, she phoned her friend and fellow DJ Lauren Laverne for support and advice.

‘She said, ‘Do one link, take a breath, come out and call me.’ She got me through. I did the next link and called her. We counted the links. I would go out, sob and come back in, take a deep breath and speak.

The 42 year old is mum to son Apollo, 17 months, with boyfriend Simon Motson and daughters Ava Bailey, 13 and Hero Harper, 9, with ex-husband Graham Quinn.

Source: Daily Mail  Photo: AP

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Daisy Lowe Reveals Heartbreaking Abortion Decison


Whilst appearing on Mel B‘s podcast The Truth Flirts model Daisy Lowe bravely admitted to having an abortion at the age of 21. She said:

‘I wasn’t ready to be a mum. It was heartbreaking. But I’m so grateful I didn’t have that baby. ‘I would have sacrificed a lot and I wouldn’t have been the best mum at the time. I was still a kid myself. 

And while the subject is often a taboo to talk about, the 30-year-old defended her decision and believes it should be down to the right of the individual in what choice they make

It’s every woman’s right to do whatever they want to do. Ultimately there are a lot of very unwanted, unwell kids in the world who need a whole lot of love. The planet is overpopulated enough, so why should we bring unwanted kids into the world. I think it’s important. It’s a heartbreaking decision to make.

I’m really grateful that I had the choice growing up, I really am.

Source: The Truth Flirts With Mel B  Photo: ExpressPhoto

Jacqueline Jossa Osbourne and Daughter Mia Prepare For a Halloween Party


Actress Jacqueline Jossa Osbourne and youngest daughter Mia, 15 months were seen heading to the 26-year-old’ acting school in London on Sunday, October 27th to set up a Halloween party for its members. She and husband Dan Osborne — who has son Teddy, 6, from a previous relationship — are also parents to daughter Ella Selina, 4.

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Rachel Riley and Pasha Kovolev To Donte To Charity As Unborn Baby is Inundated With Gifts


Countdown host Rachel Riley and Pasha Kovolev are currently awaiting the birth of their first child in December and by the looks of it baby on the way has already been inundated with gifts ready for his or her arrival – thanks to generous fans and numerous companies.

Taking to Instagram to thank everyone for their generosity Rachel revealed that she and her husband are extremely grateful for everyone’s kind heartedness and as a result they’ll be donating money to the charity Tusk. She wrote:

This baby’s incredibly lucky it’s already been given so many gifts by generous companies and lovely Countdown viewers. 💕 Pash and I are very grateful and the last people who might need freebies so to pay it forward will be donating money to charity as a thank you. There’s definitely a wildlife theme here so @tusk_org seem like a worthy recipient!

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Liam Payne Praises ‘awesome’ mum Cheryl Tweedy and Reveals Son Bear’s Love For Sushi


They may have parted ways romantically in 2018 but there is no animosity between One Direction‘s Liam Payne and ex-girlfriend Cheryl Tweedy. While appearing on the Johnathon Ross show the boy band star couldn’t help but praise his ‘awesome,’ ex who is a ‘fantastic,’ mum to their son Bear, 2, and is completely understanding when it comes to his career.

I can’t complain, she’s absolutely awesome. 

She doesn’t get on to me when I’m out working, doing different things, she understands, we do the very same job so it’s not that different for us but yeah, she’s awesome.

The 26 year-old singer recently admitted that his touring schedule can often make it hard for him to spend time with his son but when they are together they just love to ‘hang out.’

He comes over to my house every so often and we just hang out. He is literally the most easy going child. 

I think you put pressure on yourself as a dad sometimes, especially it’s hard to connect with a two year-old, they will laugh at anything. 

But while he may only be the tender age of two, Bear has already discovered rap music and the word ‘Sushi,’ something his dad didn’t try until he was 22 years of age.

He came in to the house and I was eating sushi and he sat on my lap, looked at the table of sushi, took out his dummy [pacifier] and went “Mmm sushis.” I didn’t know what sushi was until I was 22!

He had a real rap phase where he was really buzzing off listening to [rap]…When we put rap music on he’d be up [dancing].

Liam’s interview airs on The Johnathon Ross Show tonight — Friday, October 25th at 10pm on ITV1

Source: The Johnathon Ross Show  Photo: Getty

Misse Beqiri and Daughter River Attend FAO Schwarz Event At Selfridges


Real Housewives Of Cheshire star Misse Beqiri and daughter River Hall, 2 next week, attended the launch of the FAO Schwarz Space at Selfridges in London on Tuesday October 22nd. The event marked the opening of the first ever London store of the American Toy shop The 33 year-old is also mum to son Julian, 6.

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Photo: Getty Images

Alan Halsall, Girlfriend Tisha Merry and Daughter Sienna-Rae Attend Nickelodeon’s Slimefest Event


Coronation Street‘s Alan Halsall, girlfriend Tisha Merry and his daughter Sienna-Rae, 6, — who brought along a friend — attended Nickelodeon’s Slimefest event at Blackpool’s Pleasure Beach on Saturday, October 19th. Sienna’s mum is fellow actress Lucy-Jo Hudson.

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Photo: Getty

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Mark Wright Reveals Mum Carol Is Eager For Him To Start A Family With Wife Michelle Keegan


MWHe married wife Michelle Keegan in July 2015 so when TV and radio presenter Mark Wright appeared on Loose Women on Wednesday, February 10th, it was inevitable that the question of babies and starting a family together would crop up.

When the Loose Women presenters asked the question that’s on everyone’s lips, the 29 year-old revealed that he’s already being egged on by his own mum Carol.

‘It’s hard work with the pressure of having babies.

Aunty Debbie is the first of the sisters to become a grandmother and she’s tells my mum every day that being a grandmother is so much better than being a mum. So now my mum’s on our case. ‘Hurry up and make it happen, I want to be a nan.’

I think we’ve got another year or two of her nagging and we’ll just have to do it.”

Source: Loose Women Photo: AP



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