Angie Everhart Reveals Prince Andrew’s Gifts To Her Son Kayden

AE8A casual observer probably wouldn’t look twice at the discreet emblem on the collar of eight-week-old Kayden Bobby‘s neatly pressed babygro. But the little boy’s mother – the stunning American swimwear model and sometime Hollywood actress Angie Everhart – is keen to point out the tiny crown embroidered into the baby-blue towelling. Cradling her infant son in her arms, she rubs a manicured hand over the child’s outfit and confirms that the little crown represents the House of Windsor.

Andrew sent me this together with a baby blanket and a little sleeping bag, all of which have tiny little crowns on. He also sent me one of Sarah’s books about Budgie the helicopter. So cute.”

She refuses to reveal the precise nature of her relationship with Prince Andrew, 49, but she claims they speak on a weekly, if not a daily, basis.

Until now, she has never breathed a word about her long-standing relationship. Indeed, she remains deeply defensive, though her choice of phrase can sometimes give away more than, perhaps, she intended.

“Just because I’ve been linked romantically with him in the past it doesn’t mean I am still going to bed with him. Whether I am or not is nobody’s business but ours.”

Given their enduring friendship, it is hardly surprising that some of the less reputable sections of the American Press have unkindly speculated that baby Kayden may have Royal blood.

“Kayden’s daddy is someone who is not in the public eye. I have not named him because he asked me not to. He doesn’t want to have to deal with the publicity, but he’s someone who is very closely involved in the upbringing of the baby, he sees him all the time and he lives in Manhattan Beach, not in a palace in London. He has an 18-year-old son and wants to stay anonymous.”

To see a bigger picture of Angie and Kayden click here

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Source: Daily Mail Sunday, photo by Rupert  Thorpe

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