Jean-Christophe Novelli And Fiancee Michelle Kennedy Celebrate Son Jean Frankie Patrick’s 1st Birthday

JJM1When your dad is a world-renowned, Michelin-starred chef, you can expect your birthday tea to be a bit special. Young Jean Frankie Patrick Kennedy Novelli, who turned 1 on August 29th 2009 and is the son of French chef Jean-Christophe Novelli and his fiancee Michelle Kennedy  – wasn’t about to be disappointed.

The picnic his proud parents laid on to celebrate his first birthday included a divine chocolate cake, encased in sponge fingers and adorned with a blue sugary teddy bear, whipped up that morning by Natacha Charlez, considered by many to be the best chocolatier in France.

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Enjoying the sunshine as they relaxed on the lush green lawn at their beautiful 14th-century farm in Hertfordshire — which also houses Jean-Christophe’s respected cookery school, The Novelli Academy, Michelle chuckled as her son’s chubby little fingers reached for a specially cut toddler-sized sandwich.

“He has such an appetite — I swear he’s the best-fed baby ever. From strawberries to gherkins, he loves it all. He’s got the most incredible palate. He takes after his dad and is not a fussy eater at all.”

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Says Jean-Christophe:

“I love cooking for the baby. I’m in the kitchen for hours every night soaking and cooking lentils, potatoes, celery, carrots, cabbage and broccoli, which I steam. Then I do the fruit — cranberries, strawberries, pears…”

“Even I eat Jean-Christophe’s baby food,” says Michelle. “It’s so fresh and nourishing — I swear it’s helped me lose my baby fat.”

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There’s no doubt Jean-Christophe, who also has daughter Christina, 23, from his first marriage, is relishing fatherhood the second time around.

“It feels like I’ve been given a whole new supply of oxygen which will last me for the next 25 years. I’m close to 50. I can see 60  coming — but now I feel very young again. My daughter Christina adores having a baby brother and she gets on well with Michelle — they’re like best mates. I’m very proud of Christina. She’s grown into a beautiful young woman.”

Michelle also agrees that second-time fatherhood suits her fiance.

“He’s a super dad. He’s very hands-on and we share all the responsibilities — he’s especially good when it comes to changing the nappies! I found it very tough in the beginning, especially coping with the sleepless nights. But Jean’s a wonderfully contented baby now, he sleeps all the way through. He took his first steps last week and yesterday he said “Mum!”

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Michelle recently returned to her job as Jean-Christophe’s marketing expert and right-hand woman and admits combining a career with family life is a constant juggling act.

“In the beginning, I’d be in the office with the baby on my hip and it wasn’t appropriate, so now I have good support around me. But when we go away on business, Jean comes with us.”

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In just this year alone, little Jean has been to Los Angeles, Austria, Dubai, Spain and Germany. And although it can be a constant juggle, Jean-Christophe reveals that the pair definitely haven’t ruled out having more children in the future.

“I’m a great believer in love and marriage. And yes, we want more babies!”

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Source: Hello! Magazine, Issue: 1093, Date: 12th October 2009. Photos by Trevor Leighton

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