Appologies – Blog and Flu issues

Hi everyone,

At the minute we’re having issues with certain new features we’d like to add to the blog — hence why it hasn’t been updated yesterday/today. As well as that, I’m down with flu so it’s been a bit difficult to update with feeling so ill. But hopefully by the end of the week things should resume back to normal and new features issues should be ironed out. Thanks for you patience everyone and please keep checking back for updates.

Once normal service resumes we’ll have new pics of:

* Corrie’s Simon Gregson [Steve Mcdonald] with his two sons Harry and Alfie.

*Cat and Jennifer Cora with their 4 boys

*Tina Hobley and daughter Olivia

Nicola Mclean and son Rocky

*Alex Curren and daughters Lily and Lexie.

And much more.

Thanks for your patience yet again.

Celebrity Babies Covered

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