Van Morrison is No New Dad To A Brown Eyed Boy

Singer Van Morrison has hit out at claims that he is a dad again at the age of 64.

A message appeared on the star’s website on Tuesday, December 29th claiming that he and someone named Gigi Lee had welcomed son George Ivan III — who was apparently “the spitting image of his daddy,” but the Brown Eyed Girl singer insists that the news is a total fabrication and that in fact his website had been hacked. He’s since issued a statement saying:

“The comments that have appeared on my website did not come from me. They are completely and utterly without foundation. I have asked my management to carry out an immediate investigation.”

He carried on to say that he is still “very happily married to Michelle [Rocca], who he has two small children with and that it was the second time in three months his website had been hacked.

Speaking of the incident, Van’s friend John Saunders said:

“Clearly it is upsetting for all their family and for all their friends. I spoke to Van a short while ago and I said do you even know this person (Gigi Lee)? He’s never heard the name at any stage in the past. He doesn’t know who this person is.”

US spokesperson Phil Lobel, who backed up the claims has since been unreachable for comment.

Van is dad to daughter Shana, 39, with ex-wife Janet “Planet” Minto and daughter Aibhe, 4, and a son, 3, with Michelle.

Source: The Sun, photo by Matrix


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