Matthew McConaughey Proud To Have Made A Little Girl

According to actor Matthew McConaughey‘s brother Rooster, he and girlfriend Camila Alves are “doing fine” after the weekend birth of their daughter Vida. In fact, the proud dad has even taken to boasting about his latest accomplishment. Says Rooster:

He called me on Sunday afternoon and said, ‘I made a little baby girl,’ He’s all proud … He’s got it going on now.”

Upon learning that his brother is now the father of both a boy – 18-month-old Levi – and a girl, Rooster jokingly told him “to quit copying me. You’re paralleling me. Hell, we’ve got so many McConaughey girls now, we’re all gonna have to learn volleyball and cheerleading.”

But Matthew took to naming his daughter Vida — meaning life — unlike Rooster who named both his children after his favourite beers.

I think I ruined it for him because I’ve already taken up that territory. I named my 3½-year-old boy Miller Lyte because that’s my favourite beer. And my 11-month-old little girl is named Margarita Olympia … I liked that beer, too, even though they don’t even make it anymore.

Source: PEOPLE, photo by Debbie VanStory/iphoto

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