Karolina Kurkova and Archie Drury Introduce Son Tobin Jack

It looks like a scene from a modern-day fairytale. A stunningly beautiful woman and her handsome husband-to-be curl up with their equally gorgeous baby in a New York apartment. Czech Victoria Secret Supermodel Karolina Kurkova and her film producer fiancee Archie Drury are clearly living a dream following the birth of the first child and son Tobin Jack, who was born on October 29th 2009.

Together they introduce the 9-week-old in this week’s Hello! and talk about Tobin’s birth, his name and what life is like now they’re a family of three.

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On if the pregnancy was planned:

Karolina: We didn’t sit down and say ‘Okay, this month let’s work on a baby,’ but we also weren’t against it. We were at a place where we’d discussed it and both felt that whenever the baby wants to come, he will. We were definitely surprised but it was wonderful.

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On what her pregnancy was like:

K: I have to say I had an amazing pregnancy. I travelled, exercised and felt better than ever. But I am also a very conscientious person — I like to eat healthily and take care of myself so I took vitamins, did yoga and Pilates, walked and swam. I also wasn’t sick one day.

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On if she put on any weight during her pregnancy:

K: Not really. All the weight was just the baby. My mum didn’t put any weight on either, so I guess I was very lucky. What helped was that I stayed active.

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On if she and Archie knew they were having a boy:

K: When I was pregnant, we were those parents who wanted to know — we couldn’t wait. I always knew even before I was pregnant that my first baby would be a boy.

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On the labour and birth:

K: My birth was extremely quick. He was supposed to arrive on November 15th but was actually born on October 29th. My active labour was just two and a half hours.

I had a completely natural water birth at home in my bedroom. It was an amazing experience. Archie was the first one to touch him as he was coming out, the one who caught him and put him on my chest and cut his cord in the birthing pool. They have a beautiful bond.

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On picking Tobin’s name:

K: We named him in memory of two very special people in Archie’s life who passed away. We wanted something special but nothing too weird, and when Archie said ‘What about Tobin?’ I absolutely loved it.

On the baby boom that’s seemed to hit quite a few Victoria’s Secret models:

K: I think it’s hysterical — for sure there must have been something in the water because we’re all back to back: Heidi [Klum], then me, then Adriana [Lima] and Gisele [Bundchen]. In a two month period, one after another. It’s amazing and wonderful that we’re now all mums.

On if Heidi offered her any advice:

K: We emailed and congratulated each other but she lives in LA and I’m in New York. I am sure if I emailed her, she would help and would be a great person to ask as she definitely has the experience. I definitely helped Adriana a lot and am so glad I could because I know how important it was for me to have a friend you could call about anything.

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On Tobin:

K: Tobin is a very special baby. I am sure every mum says that but he is the most beautiful, cutest and smartest baby. He really is!

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On how Archie is finding parenthood:

Archie: Parenthood’s the best. Everybody says you can’t believe what it’s like until you have children — and then you have one and you get it.

On Tobin’s Czech heritage:

K: He’s got Czech toys and I will speak to him in Czech.

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Source: Hello! Magazine, Issue: 1106 Date: 18th January 2010

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