Kirsty Gallacher and Fiance Paul Sampson Introduce Son Jude Sidney

TV presenter Kirsty Gallacher recently appeared in an issue of Hello! magazine and introduced her second son Jude Sidney Sampson — who was born on January 19th — was only 2 weeks old when the photoshoot took place. Together with her fiance Paul and big brother Oscar Paul, 3, she talks openly about her difficult pregnancy and what life is like now they’re a family of four.

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On the difficult pregnancy:

Kirsty: I had terrible nausea, which never eased off. I kept thinking ‘Tomorrow will be better, but it never was. But I have to be careful what I say because there weren’t any major complications so I have to put it into perspective.

Before he was born Paul said: ‘Wouldn’t it be great to have three?’ and I thought: ‘No, I can’t go through this again.’ But as soon as Jude was born, I thought: ‘I want another.

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On the false alarm over Christmas:

Kirsty: Jude’s head was extremely low for a very long time, which was causing me a hell of a lot of pain over December. On Boxing night I suddenly started having really strong Braxton Hicks [practice contractions] and I was convinced the baby was on its way. I got in to a bit of a panic and my mum was trying to calm me down. But as it turned out, I ended up being induced.

On the birth:

K: It was amazing, even though I was incredibly nervous — much more so than I was when I had Oscar because with the second baby you know what’s coming. But it turned out to be quite magical. It was a beautiful day and the sun was streaming through the windows. I had an epidural, so that relaxed me, and Classic FM, my favourite station, was playing. As for the birth itself, it was very quick — two or three pushes and he was out.

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On Paul being emotional soon after the birth:

K: He was really overawed and emotional. Because it all happened so fast, there was an element of relief, a moment of: ‘Oh My God, it’s done!’ and here he was, our gorgeous, perfect little boy, all 6lbs 11oz of him. He was so laid back from the very start that when he came out he didn’t cry. He just lay there as if to say: ‘Right then, what’s this all about?’

On finding out they had a second son:

K: I was convinced I was having a girl, mainly because I felt so ghastly, and they do say you feel more sick with a girl. The nausea actually used to wake me up during the night.

On picking the name Jude for their little boy:

K: It was Paul who suggested it — he’s good with names. As soon as he mentioned it, I said, ‘I love it!’ It’s a name that’s cool at any age — from a little boy right up to adulthood. We chose his middle name Sidney after my beloved Granddad.

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On if they were worried a new baby would disrupt Oscar’s daily routine:

K: I was. Paul kept saying: ‘It will enrich his life,’ and he was right. But I was a sobbing wreck during my pregnancy, thinking: ‘What are we doing to our little boy?’ ‘How can we disrupt his life like this?’ But he adores his brother. He calls his Dude, which is so sweet — Jude the Dude.

On how Oscar has taken to his baby brother:

K: He has been brilliant from the word go. We’ve not had one instance of: ‘I want him to go away’ — quite the opposite. He has been very protective and territorial of Jude, which I’m told is a good thing. My sister Laura went to touch Jude and Oscar said very firmly: ‘Don’t touch my brother, he’s my best friend.’ But he doesn’t mean it nastily. He’s quite bold, but not in a horrible way, he’s a really kind little boy. We just have to be a bit vigilant because he wants to share his toys and tends to slip unsuitable things in to Jude’s cot, like his Superman car.

Paul: He has really embraced the arrival of his baby brother. I’m facing strong competition for Man Of The House and he’s only three!

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On if Kirsty’s more laid back as a mum second time round:

K: Definitely. With Oscar, I remember in those early days, phoning my mum every morning sobbing: ‘I can’t do this.’ This time around, I feel much calmer. In the shower the other day, this strange feeling came over me and it was this real rush of complete and utter contentment.

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On if they’d like to have any more children:

K: I definitely want at least one more — maybe two. I’d love to have a little girl. I’m a very girlie person and I’d envisaged a nursery decked out with Cath Kidston rosebuds. But I’ve been sent some gorgeous boy’s clothes for Jude. He’s too small to fit in to them but he’s feeding well and growing fast so it won’t be long. And I’m looking forward to doing up the nursery. He’s in with us at the moment, inside a Moses basket in our family crib, which my sister, my brother and I all slept in.

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Source: Hello! Magazine Issue: 1110 Date: 15 February 2010. Photos by David Venni

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