Mariah Carey Appears on The George Lopez Show And Could The Host Have Let Slip A Secret About Beyonce And Jay-Z

Mum-to-be Mariah Carey appeared on George Lopezs chat show last night (Tuesday, November 2nd) and revealed that husband Nick Cannon is trying to be really practical with her pregnancy.

        “He came home with all these bags which was sweet and I’m looking at them trying to be nice about it because I’m a little specific about my stuff. 

        “[He] got me all these flat shoes and is really trying to be responsible about it

        “So they’re really cute but every one of them had the thing between the toes like regular flip flops and that just doesn’t work for me. My toes don’t like it. ‘But I do need to learn how to wear them because ever since I was little I would walk on my tip toes and I don’t know why it’s how my feet are. ‘They just need to put some wheels on them for me and I’ll be good.”

TV host George, may even have let slip a secret about singers Beyonce and Jay-Z — could the rumours about the couple expecting their first child be true? speaking to Mariah’s unborn child he said:

        “You’ve heard a lot of Christmas music lately but don’t worry, your mummy’s recording a holiday album not working at one of those annoying holiday stores. If you want to be like mummy, when you cry you have to point to the ceiling when you hit the high notes.

        “Soon you will be saying your first words – mummy, daddy, Gucci Gucci, Louboutin. And you will have the first baby shoes with red on the bottom. Thankfully your parents didn’t give you a crazy Hollywood name like T-Shirt because then you would be named T-Shirt Cannon. ‘So good luck baby Carey-Cannon, you’re gonna be fine – you’re musical royalty. Plus I’ve already arranged for you to be married off to Beyonce and Jay-Z’s unborn baby.”

Mariah and Nick’s baby is due sometime in the spring.

Source: Daily Mail, photo by Splash

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