Labour Leader Ed Miliband Talks About His Joy Of Becoming A Dad For The Second Time

Labour leader Ed Miliband has spoken of his joy about becoming a dad for the second time. Speaking to waiting reporters outside London’s University College Hospital about baby Miliband he said:

“He’s really gorgeous — he looks a bit like me.”
The 40-year-old explained that he and girlfriend Justine Thornton are still trying to decide on a name for their newborn son.
I know what name I want but it’s still being signed off. We’ll be announcing the name in the coming days. We didn’t know he would come quite as quickly as he did. Justine did absolutely brilliantly.
Prime Minister David Cameron and wife Samantha — who welcomed a new addition to their family — daughter Florence Rose Endellion, who was born in August — has already sent the new family of four a congratulations card with the message:
“This is wonderful news and we could not be more pleased for you and your family.”
Ed and Justine are also parents to son Daniel, 17 months.
Source: The Sun photo by Dave Pearce

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