Natalie Cassidy Gives An Update On Baby Daughter Eliza

New mum Natalie Cassidy has given fans a little update about new daughter Eliza Beatrice, 6 weeks, in her column for New Magazine. She wrote:

“My adorable angel Eliza appears to have turned in to a little madam overnight. She’s demanding feeds all the time and has gone off my nipple because she has to work for her milk. She prefers it to be poured down her neck in a bottle. I think it’s my own fault for spoiling her in those first few weeks. On the plus side, Adam‘s [Cottrell — Natalie’s boyfriend] mum Sheila is staying with us, so it’s lovely to have an extra pair of hands and reassurance that I’m doing things right.”

To see a bigger photo of Natalie and Eliza click

image host

Source: New Magazine Date: 15th November 2010 Issue: 392. Photo by New

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