Joshua And Anna Duggar Expecting Second Child

Joshua and Anna Duggar are expecting their second child together. The news comes just over a year after the pair welcomed daughter Mackynzie Renee, 13 months, in October 2009. Anna is about 10 weeks along and currently suffering a little morning sickness. But Josh — who is ecstatic with the news — plans to beat his parents’ record of 19 children — he wants 25!

“We’re going for 25! “We trust in God that he will only give us what we can handle. Mackynzie gangs up with her little aunts and wrecks havoc with them. My sisters say she needs a little sister to either pick on or play with.”

While Anna is equally as happy to be adding to their brood.

“I’m thankful to have as many children as God wants me to, but nothing is guaranteed,” she said.“I know that having a second baby is a greater responsibility but I’m looking forward to Mackynzie having a little brother or sister.”

The pair also plan to keep in with the letter M in naming all their children — as Josh’s parents have with the letter J.

Source: OK! photo by OK!

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