Melanie Chisholm Talks About Motherhood And Daughter Scarlett

When Melanie Chisholm became a mum to daughter Scarlet Starr on February 22nd, the Spice Girl admits that motherhood didn’t come quite as naturally as she’d hoped.

“At first it was very, very scary. It was quite a shock just getting my head around this new person in my life, and realising how much time is devoted to taking care of her.

“I found the time when she was very little — when babies just seem so incredibly vulnerable — really scary, but she’s a strong little thing now. It’s amazing how resilient she is. She’s had a few colds and if she has a little tummy upset or something, she does seem very vulnerable again, but we’ve been lucky up til now and she’s been very healthy.”

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Despite Mel’s candid admission that motherhood can be quite hard at times — that doesn’t mean she isn’t relishing being a Mummy.

“Having my little girl was like a fresh start for me [and] it gets more and more fun as the months go by.

At only 21 months old Scarlet has made firm friends with the other ‘Spice’ babies.

“When the Spice kids meet up it’s really sweet to see them all together. Scarlet loves singing and dancing, which is very cute. I was at Geri [Halliwell]‘s house recently and after we left she rang me up and said: Bluebell said she wants a sister like Scarlet. So no pressure there! And Emma Buntons boy Beau and Scarlet get on really well as they’re probably the closest in age of all the kids.”

The 36-year-old also says she would like to have more children, but is happy with just the one for now.

“It would be wonderful to have another child, but at the moment I’m just enjoying having Scarlet and spending my time with her.”

Melanie is currently supporting the Pampers Virtual Kiss Campaign — for every virtual kiss you send on their website Pampers will donate the cost of one tetanus vaccine to UNICEF. Help by sending your virtual kiss at

Source: Hello! Magazine, Issue: 1149 Date: November 15th 2010. Photo by PIX

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