Dappy and Girlfriend Kaye Vassel Welcome Son Milo

N-Dubz singer Dappy — real name Costadinos Contostavlos — and girlfriend Kaye Vassel have welcomed their second child. Son Milo was born on Friday, December 10th. He weighed 9lbs 8oz and joins brother Gino, 2.

Source: Daily Mail, photo by INF

2 thoughts on “Dappy and Girlfriend Kaye Vassel Welcome Son Milo

  1. congratulations of the new arrival baby milo ♥ ..
    im in love with n dubz absolutley adore you awll..
    ♥ dappy ♥ ♥ tulisa ♥ ♥ fazer ♥ and of course ♥ gino ♥ ♥ milo ♥ and kaye ♥
    love ♥ you all….mwaa…xxx

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