Giuliana Ranic Hits Back At The ‘igronant people’ Who Say She Has Fertility Issues Because She’s Too Skinny

Giuliana Rancic says she is fed up of people saying that the reason she is unable to conceive a child is due to her being skinny. Hitting back at those ‘ignorant people,’ she said:

‘It’s unbelievable to me the amount of ignorant comments [that] come in. Rachel Zoe is pregnant! To all the haters, get informed! Go Google it…it has nothing to do with anything. There are thin girls with infertility issues, normal-sized girls with infertility issues and overweight girls with infertility issues. Unless your doctor tells you your weight is affecting you in some way…once the doctor rules it out, that’s really not it.

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The host of E! also admits that at first she blamed herself for her fertility issues but now realizes that’s not the case.

‘As a woman, you blame your body, you blame yourself, and I was riding that wave for a while and I was playing the blame game. ‘Not for anything I was doing day to day, but (I wondered): Should [husband] Bill have married someone younger? Did I wait too long? Should I have had kids at a younger age?

‘[But] that’s not what God wanted. The fact that I really do feel happier than I’ve felt in years, I feel like it really was part of a bigger plan, and I don’t know what that plan is but whatever it is, we’re fine with it.’

For now, the pair are taking a break from fertility treatments and are concentrating on their relationship.

‘We’re on a bit of a time out. I’m not going to kid you, it’s kind of going well. We’re loving it. This break, which has only been a few months, was so incredibly necessary after two years of shots and being a lab rat and going in and out of doctors’ offices and mood swings. ‘I forgot what it was like to feel normal.”

Source: Radar Online via Daily Mail, photo by Getty Images

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