Hilaria Baldwin Credits Pre-Natal Yoga For Not Getting Swollen Feet During Pregnancy

Yoga instructor Hilaria Baldwin recently posted a photo of herself doing some pre-natal stretches. The wife of movie star Alec Baldwin – who is expecting the couple’s second child together and first son –  has actively kept fit throughout her second pregnancy. Something she also continued to do whilst pregnant with daughter Carmen Gabriela, 20 months.

Speaking about the pictured pose, she said:

In pregnancy, we can suffer from a lot of foot pain. This posture will open up your toes and strengthen your arches. Due to the added weight on our feet, the arches fall a bit—this is how the feet spread and grow. It is extremely important to stretch and strengthen the feet while we carry this extra weight. My feet didn’t swell or grow in size while pregnant with my daughter … and so far so good with my son!”

To follow Hilaria’s guide on prenatal yoga  – something she says is just as “great if your not preg too” visit Hilaria’s fit pregnancy guide.

image host

Photo: Hilaria Baldwin Instagram

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