Sir Elton John Set To Cut Back Touring To Spend More Time With Sons

ESir Elton John has announced that he’s going to be cutting back on his touring duties in order to spend more time with sons Zachary Jackson Levon, 4, and Elijah Joseph Daniel, 2. A message on his website reads:

“The simple truth is I want to spend more time with my family and less time touring. I am all too aware of how precious the time ahead is. My sons are growing up so quickly, their early years are just flying by and I want to be there with them. So this final Sioux Falls concert will give me one last chance to say farewell to my fans here who have been so faithful over the decades.”

Elton’s final concert date of The Final Curtain tour takes place in Sioux Falls, South Dakota on October 2nd 2015

Source Elton John photo by T. Rice

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