Emma Bunton is an Embarrassing Mum

EBWhen you’re a working mum it can often mean that you can’t do the daily school runs yourself because of the timings of your job. For Spice Girl Emma Bunton, her’s is no different. She’s unable to do mornings because she’s one half of Heart FM‘s breakfast show with co-host Jamie Theakston. However, she is grateful that the early 6am start means she is able to at least be there to pick up sons Beau Lee, 7, from school and Tate Lee, 4, from nursery. Speaking to Essentials magazine, she said:

“I’m lucky that I work in the mornings, so generally I’m home in time to pick up Tate from nursery, then go to get Beau from school.”

But the 39-year old admits her over-enthusiastic demeanour at the school gates doesn’t go down too well with Beau — who finds his mum embarrassing.

“I literally grab them and squeeze them and kiss them. Beau’s only seven and he’s already like, ‘Eurgh Mum, get off!’”

“But I can’t help myself. I know it’s probably going to have to stop soon, so I’m making the most of it while I can.

Source: Essentials magazine, June Issue,  Photo credit: Essentials

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