Samantha Mumba Introduces Daughter Sage Tamanya Anne

SM1Singer Samantha Mumba appears in a recent issue of Hello! Magazine and introduces her beautiful baby daughter Sage Tamanya Anne, 10 weeks, while at home in Los Angeles with husband Torray Scales. Sage was born on Tuesday, March 3rd 2015 at 6:45pm and weighed 7lbs 9oz.

To read about Sage’s 22-hour birth, picking her name and how she’s changed Samantha’s life — and to see additional photos please click

On Sage’s birth:

Samantha: When we found out I was being induced [Sage was overdue by five days], Torray and I were like a couple of kids. We kept saying, “Is this really happening?”

Nine months of pregnancy is the perfect time to prepare for what’s coming, but I still couldn’t believe it.

I’m not going to lie — it was brutal. I’d go through it again for Sage, of course, but it was so tough. Torray was excellent. He was with me the whole way, holding my hand, keeping track of everything. Then he cut the umbilical cord. I was shocked. Normally, I’d expect him to be a bit squeamish, but he was amazing.

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The couple were especially glad of Sage’s safe arrival as only a matter of weeks earlier they had been involved in a car accident while in a traffic jam — and it was partly thanks to Samantha wearing the car seatbelt correctly that her baby was ok.

S: I looked in the rear-view mirror and saw this car flying through the air straight towards us. We couldn’t move anywhere so they hit us. It was such a huge shock. I’d never been in a car accident before and it all happened in a second.

Thank goodness Sage was okay. I’d been wearing my seatbelt under my tummy, the way you’re supposed to when you’re pregnant, which helped. I did look a mess for a while, though — I had a big scab on my forehead where I’d hit the steering wheel.

On picking Sage’s name:

S: Tamanya is a Zambian name meaning ‘we want you’ and Anne was my maternal grandmother’s name. I wanted something from both sides of my heritage for her and they’re the same as my middle names.

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On how Torray’s son Masen, 11 [whom lives with them] is with his little sister:

S: Masen’s really good with her and he’s so helpful to me. He’ll come home from school and help me. I’ll say, ‘Can you hold her for a minute? I just have to run to the bathroom. I haven’t been in four hours!’

He’s such a good kid and it’s so important to us that he spends time with Sage. We’re a blended family and it has to be comfortable for everybody.

On what her family think of Sage:

S: Sage is the first baby in my immediate family, so this is a really big deal to everyone. They’re already fighting over who gets to babysit.

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On how Sage has changed her life:

S: It’s honestly like I’m holding her and thinking, ‘I can’t believe I get to keep you.’ She’s completely changed my life. I’m just so in love with her — it’s hard to describe.

On how Torray helps with his daughter:

S: Honestly, I completely hog her. Torray’s so great — he will do anything and everything. It’s more that I just like doing it.

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Source: Hello! magazine, Issue: 1379, Date: May 18th 2015. Photo credit: Jonas Mohr

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