Autumn Phillips Talks Life With Savannah and Isla

APWith the nation still celebrating the birth of Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana, 17 days, Autumn Phillips — wife of Peter Phillips and mum of Savannah Anne Kathleen, 4, and Isla Elizabeth, 3 — gave an insight of what it’s like having two children so close in age and, from her own experience, what it was like welcoming siblings in to the family.

When Isla was born, Savannah had just turned 15 months. I don’t think she really noticed at first there was another baby. She just wanted to run around and tear the place apart.

It’s when they get older it gets tricky. They learn to share by fighting each other off. I have an older brother, a twin brother and a half-brother and sister so I know what it’s like. But siblings are a gift.

Along with Savannah, Isla and Princess Charlotte, Queen Elizabeth II also has two other great-grandchildren — Mia Grace, 16 months, and Prince George Alexander Louis, 21 months. With 4 out of 5 of them being girls — Prince George is outnumbered for the time being. Says Autumn:

There are a lot of girls in the family now. Poor little George — he’s going to be surrounded by bossy little ladies. But when they all get together again, it’ll be a blast.

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When Kate [Middleton] went in to labour with Princess Charlotte, Autumn revealed she was at home watching Disney on Ice with her girls when the news broke.

 I found out through a BBC alert on my phone. I sent a text telling them how happy we are for them. 

The Canadian also admitted that she loves raising her girls in the Norfolk countryside.

I love our quiet life. Our daughters and their cousin Mia are all outdoor girls and not afraid of a little dirt. They love riding their Shetland ponies with Mia in her little basket and Savannah and Isla on a lead reign.

Although Mia’s the youngest, she’s a tough little cookie. The other day, she pulled Isla backwards by her shirt. Isla looked at me indignantly, but Savannah and I were laughing so much that we had to look away.

And despite the joyous occasion of Princess Charlotte’s birth the 37-year old says she doesn’t feel broody in the slightest and has no desire to expand her own family any time soon.

No way — two are enough. It’s great that we’re out of the nappy stage, which we wouldn’t be with a new baby.

Savannah starts school in September. She’s so excited about wearing the uniform to the ‘big girls’ school. And Isla will be following her soon.

I want to make the most of these years because time is passing so quickly. I’m looking forward to the school runs and spending precious time with them.

Source Hello! Magazine, Issue: 1379, Date: May18th 2015. Photo credit: GC

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