McBusted’s Harry Judd Talks about Wife Izzy’s Pregnancy, IVF And How He Can’t Wait To Be A Dad

HIBack in July Harry Judd and wife Izzy announced they were expecting their first child together. And now with only a few more months to go until the impending arrival, the McBusted star has revealed he can’t wait to become a dad. Speaking to the Daily Mail, he said:

“I have always longed to be a dad and have been broody for years, I cannot wait to see Izzy be a mum either.”

The pregnancy was very much longed for by the pair who sadly suffered a miscarriage in 2014. But the road to parenthood hasn’t been easy for the couple as they were struck with fertility issues when Izzy was diagnosed with polycystic ovaries – resulting in them going down the path of IVF.

“The hardship was before the IVF when nothing was happening, but using the treatment was a really positive achievement for us. We didn’t consider IVF for a couple of years, but it got to the point when we had exhausted everything else.”

To read about Izzy’s pregnancy cravings and how the couple have prepared themselves for labour please

According to Harry, mum to be Izzy has also been experiencing some “crazy” pregnancy cravings at the moment.

“[She likes] coating tomatoes in salt and eating heaps of plastic cheese, crisps and drinking lots of milk. She’s started to want crackers late at night too. I am trying to be calm with her, I know there are going to be a lot more testing times as parents.”

With baby on the way due in January 2016, the pair have also been trying their best to be as prepared as they can when it comes to the labour process.

“I am doing hypnobirthing. It sounds really out there but I’ve learnt how important your breathing is during labour and it’s taught me how to help Izzy in a practical sense. We have gone to a few sessions together and have practised our breathing through meditation so we know how to stay calm during the birth. I’m not saying we’re going to have the perfect pregnancy and not need any pain relief but we just wanted to prepare ourselves.”

Source: Daily Mail Photo: Bauer Griffin

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