Kristin Davis’ Daughter Gemma is Already Eco Friendly

Kristin Davis is a polka dot princess at the Costume Designers Guild Awards Gala in LAShe may be only 4 years old but Kristin Davis‘ daughter Gemma Rose already thinks of the environment while going about her day — especially when it comes to saving water due to California’s long-running shortage. Speaking to at the Environmental Media Awards recently, the actress explained:

“My daughter is very involved with the drought. She’s like, “Mommy, you’re wasting water!” I’m like, “Good job!” Her school is actively teaching her about it. It’s pretty impressive!”

Being environmentally friendly is something the 50-year-old hopes to continue to instil into her daughter.

“You know what, you kind of have to. I mean, there are so many things unfolding around us every day that I think you really need to be in touch with that. You want your children to be in touch with that as well. It’s their world. We’re just living in it. If we’re going to give it to them, we need to take care of it a little bit better for them.”

Source: US Weekly  Photo: MCroft

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