Just a little update:

As you are all probably aware the site hasn’t been updated much since November and articles haven’t been put up but because of the lack of updates there are plans to include articles like Olympic gold medal winner Mo Farah and son Hussain, Suzanne Shaw‘s introductory interview with son Rafferty and Gary Lucy‘s introductory interview with daughter Sadie. We are aware that many would have already have read the above articles and seen the pictures but we thought we’d put them up for those who haven’t had the chance to or would like to read again. Also if there is an old article you would like to re-read again that isn’t up please get hold of us via the contact page and we’ll see if we can get hold of what you’ve requested.

With that said, we also have new interviews with Jennifer Ellison and sons Bobby, Harry and Charlie, James Bye and wife Victoria and son Edward and Danielle Lloyd and sons Archie, Harry and George.

We hope that you continue to be patient with us and keep checking daily for updates.


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