Rachel McCord and Husband Rick Schirmer Expecting First Child

Model and social media influencer Rachel McCord and husband Rick Schirmer are expecting their first child together. Baby on the way is due in May 2020 and whilst the pair are “completely over the moon,” and feel like they’ve “hit the jackpot, they are also treading carefully over the next few months as Rachel’s congenital heart condition means that the pregnancy is considered to be high risk.

However, they have already defied the odds after being told it would be unlikely that they’d become parents when an ovarian cyst was discovered on one of the 30-year-old’s ovaries after she went for a pre natal check back in January in order to start trying for a baby. Says Rachel:

“I went in all excited and left sobbing. My doctor said ‘No, you cannot start trying to get pregnant right now,” because I had an ovarian cyst that was bigger than my ovary. And the problem with an ovarian cyst over 6 centimeteres, which mine was, is that you have a concern of torsion. It’s a really serious condition.

“My doctor told me: ‘we need to rush you in to surgery.that’s not what you want to hear.

‘I suddenly felt my whole future flash before my eyes. Here I am feeling like my life is lacking significance because I don’t have a child and now I don’t know if I can have kids… that’s a really scary thing to feel.”

To read about how Rachel found out she was pregnant please click

Thankfully the operation went smoothly and three months later the couple decided to start trying. Fast forward to August and Rachel missed her period so decided to take a pregnancy test.

“Suddenly I was blown away. My sister Annalynne [McCord] was here and Ricky was in the other room and I was like, “that’s so weird. It says pregnant”. That’s how shocked I was.

“And then I just started freaking out… “Oh my God. Oh my God”, I literally started screaming. We’d only tried four or five times and we had gotten pregnant. I mean, some miracle.

It was literally pandemonium, she’s screaming, I’m screaming, “no way, you’re kidding, your joking.’ Then we’re FaceTiming everyone, it was very surreal.”

Source: Daily Mail  Photo: Xposure



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