Elliott and Amanda Sadler Expecting First Child


ES1Nascar driver Elliott Sadler and wife Amanda are expecting their first child. The baby is due in early March 2010 and Elliott says he “couldn’t be any happier,” He continued:

“Amanda and I want to have a big family with three or four kids, so we figured it was time to get started. We’ve known for a little while now, but thought it’d be special to share the news with friends and family this week as we head to Richmond.

This is very special for us and something we both knew we wanted to happen soon. We are expecting the baby sometime in March and have a special plan for sharing the sex of our baby with our families.

We are going to have the doctor put the sex of the baby in a envelope and not tell anyone, then take everyone out to dinner and open the envelope as a group so we all share the experience together.”

Source: Jayski.com, photo by Nascentral