Christie Hayes Introduces Son Harley Gabriel in New Idea


CHFormer Home and Away actress Christie Hayes introduces her second son Harley Gabriel in a recent issue of New Idea magazine and says although it can get a bit “stressful” because Harley, who was born on September 2nd 2015, is only 11 months younger than big brother Hendrix Walter, 1, she hopes they will have a very close bond

“Sometimes it’s a little bit stressful having them so close together, but we’re hoping they will grow up as best friends. They’re beautiful boys, really happy and relaxed, so I think the universe blessed us that way.”

The boys’ dad is Christie’s fiancé Daniel White.

Source: New Idea  Photo: New Idea

Christie Hayes Celebrates With Son Hendrix


Celebrating Australia’s Mother’s Day with son Hendrix Walter, 7 months, and some Frank Body Scrub, actress Christie Hayes, who is also expecting her second child later this year, shared:

Let’s be frank, being a mother requires getting down and dirty, it also requires a little extra help to feel your most beautiful sometimes! Thank you so much to @frank_bod for this gorgeous Mother’s Day gift, I feel spoiled. I hope all of you other mothers out there are spoiled today! #thefrankeffect

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Photo credit: Christie Hayes Instagram

Christie Hayes and Daniel White Expecting Second Child


KHFormer Home and Away star Christie Hayes and boyfriend Daniel White are expecting their second child together. Whilst appearing on The Morning Show she told hosts Larry Edmur and Kylie Gillies:

“[When] Hendrix was six weeks old, we found out that I am expecting a second baby, so I am almost six months pregnant. Would you believe it?”

The 28-year-old admitted that she didn’t really think there would be a possibility that she could become pregnant so quickly after having son Hendrix Walter.

‘I don’t mean to sound stupid but that’s genuinely what I thought, I know I shouldn’t admit that on national television, but I was quite oblivious you know you’re tired, you’re exhausted, you’re trying to do all these things.”

And without being crass, what are the odds you know? Maybe a few times, you and your partner might get intimate and it just happens!

But despite the shocking surprise she and Daniel welcomed the news.

“‘We’re ecstatic, we’re looking forward to it, but I think we’ll pump the breaks after two.”

Source: Daily Mail. Photo by IMD