Nancy Sorrell and Twin Daughters Lizzie And Nellie Back The Canary Islands Tourist Campagin


Nancy Sorrell was recently photographed with twin daughters Elizabeth ‘Lizzie’ and Nell ‘Nellie, 4, as she launched the Canary Islands Tourist Campaign — which hopes to entice people to banish British winter weather in favour of a holiday in the sun. She also revealed the fun that she got up to with her girls on October 31st’s Halloween.

“The girls were witches and I was their black cat, so I had black footless tights, a black top, ears, whiskers, tail — I got so in to it! At one point I was even crawling around on all fours on the ground outside our house…[laughs] You must think I’m mad!”

Lizzie and Nelly’s dad is comedian Vic Reeves.

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Source: Hello! Magaine, Issue 1149 Date: November 15th 2010. Photo by Hello!