Heidi Klum Reveals She Received A Visit From Some Very Unwanted Friends


HKAs any parent will know, when you have children there will come a point in time that you’ll cross paths with the dreaded head lice – almost certainly whilst your child is in school. Speaking on the Ellen DeGeneres show on Wednesday, October 28th, supermodel Heidi Klum revealed that she was on the receiving end of such when she caught them off one of her daughters.

I’m actually lice-free now, as of a few days ago. My daughter was itching and then she had to go to the nurse and then they looked and sure enough they found a little egg, and I mean they’re beyond small.

But thanks to a visit from the “lice fairies,” their household is now clear of the unwanted pests. She joked:

“There are these fairies that come to the house and brush you for hours and get all of these lice out of your hair.  They’re fairies. You do get a certificate from the lice fairies when you go to the school because the school wants to know.”

Heidi shares children Leni, 11, Henry Gunther, 10, Johan Riley, 8, and Lou Sulola, 6, with ex-husband Seal.

Source: US Magazine  Photo: MT