Kourtney Kadashian Reveals That Her Mum Is Planning Her November Baby Shower


KKPregnant Kourtney Kadashian has revealed that it will be her mum Kris Jenner who will be hosting her baby shower in November at the family home in L.A.

“The guest list is around 75 right now, and I don’t want it to be much more than that. A lot of my friends from college have babies, so I’m inviting a lot of them. And some of my family members, like my aunt, were talking about doing a family baby shower.”

However, keeping the guest list under control is proving to be a difficult task.

 “All my mom asked me for is a list. I sent her the names of people, and she emails me back, ‘Yes, those people, but invite so-and-so!’ So she’s always adding!”

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