Danielle Lloyd Talks About Her Post-Natal Depression


Model Danielle Lloyd has spoken for the first time about the post-natal depression she suffered soon after giving birth to her 4-month old son Archie in July. She told TV presenter Lorraine Kelly,

‘It really was tough — it was such a hard period. Everyone thinks having a baby is the most amazing thing to happen, and it was amazing because I love Archie to bits, but it was also really really difficult.

“I don’t think I understood why I was feeling like that. I really felt down about myself.”

She explained that she found it even more difficult because fiance Jamie O’Hara had also only just undergone a back operation and it felt like she was dealing with “two babies.”

“I was taking care of the baby and I wasn’t concentrating on myself. You don’t want to admit anything is wrong. I was totally housebound. I didn’t want to leave the house, leave the bed, and I just felt really guilty because you’re supposed to be taking the baby out and enjoying it.”

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