Sinitta Holidays in Barbados With Her Children Magdelena and Zac After Adoption Heartache


Former singer Sinitta and children Magdelena, 5, and Zac, 4, took a family holiday to Barbados recently after it was revealed that she will no longer be adopting a third child as her adoption plans have fallen through. Speaking to Hello! magazine she said:

“I am very, very sad to say that, no it does not look as though I can have this baby now. It seems that I would need to be able to not work for 18 months to meet Social Services standards and, as I have two children to support,I can’t do that.”

She also¬†explained how the whole situation had come as a huge blow to her because from the moment she’d found out that the birth mother would not be able to keep the child she thought of him/her as her own.

“Rightly or wrongly, I started to look on the baby as mine and felt an overwhelming emotional attatchment. It’s been hard to pick myself back up and not be depressed, because I really believed that this baby, my children and I would all be together. But I have to want what is best for the new baby, and it does bring me comfort to know [he/she] will go to someone who is able to stay at home and be with them, as I was with my two.”

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Sinitta and Children Magdelena and Zac Attend Premiere of Nanny McPhee and The Big Bang


Singer Sinitta and children Magdelena and Zac attended the premiere of Nanny McPhee and The Big Bang at the Odeon West End in London’s Leicester Square on Wednesday, March 24th. The 80’s singer is also pregnant with her third child.

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