Australian Actress Holly Brisley Introduces Son Levi Harper In Woman’s Day

HBAustralian actress Holly Brisley introduces  her 3 week old son Levi Harper Ford in a recent issue of Woman’s day and revealed all about why her idea of a natural birth was out of the question due to doctors orders.

“I had made it to 39-and-a- half weeks, and by that stage I was looking quite similar to a puffer fish. My hands and feet had swollen to the size of a giant’s, and I was more than ready to pop.

“Throughout the pregnancy I went to all the birthing classes and read up on everything with the intention of being the full earth mother when it came to the delivery, with no drugs and a completely natural birth.

“The obstetrician told us that the head still hadn’t engaged and that a natural birth wasn’t looking promising as my hips are quite narrow and he wasn’t sure Levi would fit, so he recommended a caesarean. Here I was, wanting a completely natural birth, and I ended up having a caesar with all the drugs.”


 She can be seen back on UK screens in coming weeks when she reprises her role as Amanda Vale in Home and Away for a few guest appearances.

Source: Woman’s Day Magazine.

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