Gareth Gates and Suzanne Mole Introduce Daughter Missy in OK!

GSM6Gareth Gates and wife Suzanne Mole proudly introduce daughter Missy, who was born on April 6th 2009 and weighed 7lbs 6oz, in the August 24th issue of OK! magazine.

Inside they talk candidly about the rather unusual birth, their worries as new parents and their hopes for her in the future.

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On the birth:

Suzanne: It was so easy. We decided in the end to go for a Caesarean. We were told that she was going to be a big baby — a nine pounder and she was back to back, facing the wrong way, which meant that the biggest part of her head was going to come out first — and I didn’t want that! The consultant agreed that it would be better to have a C-section. It was booked in so it took the pressure off Gareth getting there, in case he’d been in a show or something. We knew the date she was going to be born.

Gareth: It was a day that I was working, so we turned up in the morning, the baby was born around 9am and then I went off to work.

S: I had a new procedure called a natural section. Basically it’s a slower process. Instead of being pulled out, they find the head first and then bring it out. So it’s half in and half out, poking out like an alien. I enjoyed it!

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On if she felt anything during the procedure:

S: No, I was numb. All I could feel was them rummaging around.

G: We were taking pictures all through the procedure, so we have pics of her half in and half out! Some people might think the pics are squeamish, but we think they’re lovely.

On what happened once Missy had come out:

G: I had to cut the cord. It was tough and rubbery but it was an amazing experience.

S: I would definately go through the procedure again. You hear about women who are bedridden after a C-section, but I was up and about within hours.

G: I always tease her that she’s a wimp that she didn’t go through a natural birth.

S: I have to admit I would like to feel one contraction.

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On why Gareth went back to work on the same day:

S: It was my choice — it was half -term so lots of kids were going along to see him in Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. I felt bad that they might turn up and he wasn’t there. But he left us at 5pm and came back at 10:30pm.

G: The gang at the theatre had decorated my dressing room with posters saying: ‘You’ve had a girl!’ It was really lovely. I was shocked by how fast people knew about it. While I was on stage, I looked in to the crowd and people were giving me the thumbs up, which distracted me, but it was lovely.

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On bringing her home:

S: We were home three days later and, although we had the nursery all ready, we kept her in our room in a moses basket.

G: We tried putting her in a cot, but one night she woke up and wedged herself in the side of it. We thought it was a fluke but she did it again.

S: We watched her kick her legs on to the bar and wedge herself down the side. Amazing! But also very worrying — that’s why the move from the basket to the cot has been put on hold.

On her first night she was awake every two hours like newborns are. But I think we’ve turned a corner now.

G: I hope so because I am up every night, feeding, nursing…

S: Yeah, who believes that!

On if they worry a lot:

S: I did to start with, but not so much now.

G: I still do. I worry all the time and always make sure she’s breathing. I shake her leg to wake her up to make sure she is okay!

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On how Gareth is with his daughter:

G: I’m very hands on. I’m used to kids from growing up with loads of them.

S: I’m best at calming her down when she’s crying. But then I’m with her all the time.

G: She’s like her mum, she likes her bum being tapped!

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On if the tiredness of having a new baby has caused any arguements:

S: Not really, the trick is to sleep when she sleeps — that keeps us going. Yeah, there’s the housework and the shopping to do and I don’t get any help from this one, but we’ve been okay!

On if Gareth’s had any nights out to celebrate:

G: I’ve had a couple.

S: And he texts all the time, to the extent that I have to tell him to stop because he keeps waking us up!

On the photo of Missy Gareth has on his phone:

G: [It’s] a picture of her wearing shades. She’s living the celebrity lifestyle already!

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On how they chose her name:

S: My friend Nikki Wilkes wanted to call her baby Missy, but she and her husband Jonathan had a boy and called him Mickey. I asked her if we could call our baby Missy and she was fine about it.

On if she’s glad to no longer be pregnant:

S: I really enjoyed it and when I do see other pregnant women I do miss it. It went so quickly and it was so easy. But the size was so awkward.

On how she’s managed to lose all her baby weight:

S: Just through healthy eating. I was at my mum and dad’s recently and they have a good pool so I was doing lots of lengths. We’ve been running and bike riding but I haven’t been back to the gym. I love pate and I had to give that up when I was pregnant because your not supposed to eat it, so I told myself  I’d have some when I’d given birth.

On if they’re planning any more babies soon:

S: No, we’re just going to enjoy [Missy] for now.

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On if Missy’s a mummy’s girl or a daddy’s girl:

S: She is [a mummy’s girl]. That’s because I breast-fed for the first couple of months. But I’ve stopped now.

On how Suzanne found breast feeding:

S: It was hard, the latching on, but you get through it. But I wasn’t one of those mums who did it in public — I don’t even like sunbathing topless! Because she was always hungry she had formula too, so she was great on the bottle.

On if they can see her following their footsteps in to showbiz:

S: She’ll be talented.

G: I have the mindset that my kids will learn a sport or dance. That doesn’t mean that I want them to do it as a job, but it helps them to grow.

S: And it gives them confidence and an interest so they don’t end up on street corners. Gareth and I did things when we were kids, because we enjoyed singing and dancing. She loves water, she loves a bath — she loves kicking about and she cries when you take her out.

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Source: OK! Magazine  Issue: 688 Date: 25th August 2009. Photos by: Ed Watts

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