Chyler Leigh’s Family Is Now Completed With Anniston Kae

1.1Chyler Leigh‘s family has been in the midst of a steady growth spurt for the past six years. But with the May 7th birth of their third child, Anniston Kae, the Grey’s Anatomy star and her husband, actor Nathan West, have found that parenting gets a little bit easier with each addition to their clan. Says Chyler:

“Going from zero to one is a huge shock. One to two was a little more challenging. Two to three was a bit more challenging, but once you get used to multiples you figure out how to put things together quicker. You learn how to organize. With number three coming, you get more confident as a mom. It’s like calm mom, calm baby.”

It doesn’t hurt that Anniston, whose older siblings are Noah Wilde, 5  and Taelyn Leigh, 2, is a mellow baby.

“She started sleeping through the night at two months,”

“Anni” as they affectionatly call her, is “so easy going.”

She’s so happy to be held, but good at having her own independent time. That’s made a big difference. I think she kinda knew she was coming into a hectic household!”

The well-behaved baby has already won over the actors on her mum’s hit show.

Justin [Chambers] nicknamed her Baby Elvis because of her mohawk.” 

Chyler and Nathan don’t plan on making another addition to their family any time soon though! Says husband Nathan:

  “Three kids is a lot, but I couldn’t imagine our family without her. She just completed it.”

Article: People, photo by Brian Doben

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