Angie Everhart Introduces Son Kayden Bobby in Hello!

Angie E1Model Angie Everhart featured in Hello! magazine and introduced us to a very special person — her 4 week old baby boy Kayden Bobby. And although she is no longer romantically involved with her son’s dad — whom she wishes not to name — she reveals he is very much involved in his life and how this “is the best time of her life!”

To read all about how Angie found out she was pregnant, if she already knew the sex before hand, why she was advised to have a Caesarean and much more click

On how she found out she was pregnant:

Angie: My boobs told me! I was visiting my parents and one day, walking down the street with my mum, I felt zoooom! In seconds, I went from a C cup to a DD. I said to her “Did you see that? They’ve grown!” And my mother, without saying anything, just looked at me funny. And of course, it turned out I was pregnant.

On how she felt when she found out:

A: I’m 39 years old. Every year that goes by, the possibility of having fertile eggs goes down, so I was feeling a lot of different emotions at the same time. Massive excitement, fear and happiness because I’d always wanted to have a baby. But I also thought “Oh crap!”

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On being a  so called ‘single mum:

A: I’m a single mum but I am not raising this child alone. My family is very involved and the father is a present father…And also, by the way, I don’t want labels. I’ve been Angie Everhart ‘supermodel’ , ‘actress.’ And now ‘single mother’ No, I am Angie Everhart, Mother. Look at Kayden’s little face. Do you think he’s worried about weather I’m married or not when he’s hungry? No. The only thing he looks for is his mother. It’s the best of all the titles I’ve ever had.

On how she found the pregnancy:

A: I had a model’s mentality. All my life having to be skinny, skinny, skinny. And suddenly I’m not skinny anymore. My belly grew, my breasts got bigger, my legs and arms got fat…I’d look at mirrors and ask myself: “Who is that?” So I decided not to look at mirrors and to think positively.

I didn’t read any bad news and I banned anyone from telling me anything negative. At the beginning people came to me with comments with my decision, and I put my hand right in front of my face and said: ‘Look, I think it’s fine that you have this opinion about my life, but please keep it to yourself.” I can be very tough when necessary.

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On weather she knew if she was having a boy or girl:

A: I’m not big on surprises. But before I found out, everyone would tell me: “It’s a girl. It’s going to be a girl.” I even had a masseuse who said: ‘I see pink!” My first instinct told me it was a boy — and I wasn’t wrong.

On why she was advised to have a Caesarean:

Angie: When I was 19, I fell from a horse and had surgery on my back. And at the end of the pregnancy when they measured his head and everything, my doctor said: “With narrow hips you’re going to have 24 hours of labour and we’re going to have to do a C-section anyway.” So they scheduled the birth for 29th July.

I love he chose his day [Kayden actually made his appearence on 24th July] And I actually went in to labour with contractions by the end 2 minutes apart.

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On the actual C-section operation:

A: Thank goodness my mother was with me! She’s unbelievable. She has always been there for me, experiencing the pregnancy, but when the moment came I was terrifed. There I was on the operating table, with that mirror above you so you can see everything. You know you don’t want to miss anything, but at the same time you think ‘What are they doing to my body?”

They let my mother in the room in the precise instant that they cut my stomach. The water breaks and there was blood everywhere…And then they held him high so I could see him. All purple with very red lips. But of course, they don’t let you hold him because you’re there on the operating table and they’re not finished with you yet!

On how she felt holding him for the first time:

A: When I think about his birth, I get so emotional. I can hear my mum in my head saying over and over: ‘It’s a miracle, it’s a miracle.’ — and I cried. [Her eyes well up with tears] It hits me every time. No, it’s just windy in this room and something just flew in to my eye [laughs].


On what the best thing about not being pregnant is:image hostOn what the best thing about not being pregnant is:

A: [She lifts her foot and takes one of her trainers off and puts it back on again] This! I can take my shoes on and off in one move. Last month it took me half an hour just to put on a sock. And that’s even though I didn’t gain too much weight — about 28lbs the last time they weighed me, 2 days before the birth.

On Kayden’s sleep and feeding pattern:

A: Right now I feel like a cow with udders and everything since I breastfeed every 3 hours. The last feed is at midnight. Normally, later he sleeps in my arms but sometimes, since he was born almost at that time, he’s awake until 3 in the morning [he was born at 11:28pm]. And then, exhausted I fall half asleep just to immediately wake up in a panic that I’m going to suffocate him with my gigantic boobs! The typical first-time mother.

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The photo above is of Angie and Kayden with Angie’s mum Ginny


On what type of baby he is:

A: He’s a mellow little dude who doesn’t cry at all. He lets me know when he needs his food and when his nappy is dirty. And no, he doesn’t have red hair, it’s brown like his father’s.

On how she came up with his name:

A: We were looking when one day my mother sent me ‘Kayden.’ My middle name is Kay, and hers too, and with that composition, which is Celtic for ‘warrior’, we also paid tribute to our Irish ancestors. I checked with the baby’s father, and he loved it. His second name is Bobby, after my dad.

On why she has chosen not to reveal the identity of Kayden’s dad:

A: Because I’m not married and we aren’t together romantically right now — although we’re going to have a relationship forever because of this baby.

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On weather at the time she was trying for a baby:

A: Let’s say that in this day and age, you don’t have a baby if you don’t want one. And furthermore, you have to do something for this to happen. So yes, the baby is loved and wanted.

On why this is the best thing to ever happen to her:

A: Haven’t I mentioned that yet? I’ve lived a selfish life doing what I wanted, when I wanted. I’ve been with kings, princes and emperors. I’ve seen the Millenium in Bali. I’ve been to Dubai, Paris and St Tropez. I’ve had a fantastic life but nothing compares to the wonder of having a baby. This is the best time of my life and all because of this little thing that miraculously formed and came out of me.

I, who doesn’t like Christmas, can’t wait until the next one so I can dress him up as a little Santa Claus — and then there’s Halloween and Disneyland. I can’t wait to see all those things for the first time through the eyes of my son. I never thought that being a mother was such a wonderful experience, and that such a tiny thing could change your life so much.

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Source: Hello! Magazine, Issue Number: 1086: Date: 24 August 2009. Photos by Cesar Villoria

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