Hillary Swank Celebrates Her 35th Birthday and Poses For Photographs With Boyfriend John Campisi and His Son Sam

HJS2While celebrating her 35th birthday in Tuscany, Italy with close family and friends, actress Hilary Swank happily posed for photographs with her boyfriend of 3 years, John Campisi and his son Sam, 6.

On her relationship with Sam, she said:

I love spending time with Sam and I love when we can all go on vaction together. Last year we went to Italy and Greece. He’s a wonderful traveller. He’s been to many places. He helped pick Rami [one of her dogs] from the pound. I wanted to stress the importance of saving a dog’s life. He loves the dogs and he loves how they came away with us. They swim with us every day. Sam loves to swim. When we all jumped in [to the pool], he was jumping in with us in the deep end.

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Source: Hello! Magazine, Issue: 1089 Date: September 14th 2009. Photos by Regine Mahaux

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