Tess Daly Talks About Her and Husband Vernon Kay’s Family Values and Their Daughters Phoebe and Amber

TDTV presenter Tess Daly recently spoke to Hello! UK about home life with her fellow TV presenter husband Vernon Kay and their two daughters Phoebe Elizabeth, 10, and Amber Isabella, 6 next month. Despite the pair of them being busy with their day jobs they love the family life and believe the key is communication. She said:

“When I was growing up we all sat around the dinner table every night and discussed the day. That is the key to family life. I don’t want my children in different rooms looking at screens all day. I want to be together as a unit. Vernon and I both had that at home and want to repeat that with our own family, even though it’s a very different life for our kids. It’s definitely a different generation, but as long as they’re happy, that’s all that matters.”

To read more about Tess and Vernon’s home life – including how the girls react to their parents being recognised click

When it comes to her and Vernon’s parenting she admits that he is definitely the more easy-going one.

“I often joke that I’ve got to check for a pulse. He’s always so calm, whereas I’m always worried about whether the kids have got the right things for school.

“Is it a recorder day? Has she got the right pumps for PE? What homework is it tonight?”

Currently she and Vernon at looking at potential secondary schools for Phoebe.

“It’s quite overwhelming because you want to find the right fit.”

With the girls having two parents in the public eye the 45-year-old says they take it all in their stride — most of the time.

“They understand that Mum and Dad are on the telly. And that photographers sometimes jump out on us at the airport. That freaks my little one out a bit because she doesn’t know what’s happening.”

Source: Hello! UK . Date: 27th April 2015. Issue 1376. Photo by DSI

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