Jessica Michibata Button Isn’t Ready To Start a Family Yet

JBJessica Michibata Button is plenty used to being asked about starting a family with her Forumla one beau Jenson – even more so now since they married in December 2014. However, the model recently told Hello! UK that while it is definitely something they both want in the future – they’re not quite ready yet.

“I definitely want to be a Mum. If I can be half the mother my mum was to me, I’d be very happy.

But at the moment I’m still working and travelling with Jenson and it’s great, but it’s not the best lifestyle for children, so we’ll wait a while. I don’t feel under pressure to have children right away.”

While Jessica may not be ready for babies herself, there is one impending arrival she is looking forward to – the birth of Prince William and Kate Middleton‘s second child.

“She seems such a lovely woman and baby George is so cute. I can’t wait for her next baby. Britain is so lucky to have a royal family.”

Source: Hello! UK . Date: 27th April 2015. Issue number: 1376. Photo by 3am

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