Alyssa Milano Juggles Motherhood and Work But Has Learnt To Deal With The Guilt

Being a working mum can sometimes be a juggling act for actress Alyssa Milano, who is mum to children Milo Thomas, 3, and Elizabella Dylan, 8 months, with husband David Bugliari Speaking to Yahoo! Parenting, she said:

“It’s hard to juggle everything. Every day is a process and a balancing act, but I try to take every day as it comes. My schedule is sporadic, which is good because it allows me some real quality time with my kids. When I have business to attend to, I’m always aware that I need to get home as soon as possible or I feel guilty.

Although she does feel guilty because of her sometimes heavy workload, the 42-year old says she has come to terms with the feeling and where it comes from — thanks to therapy.

I have learned, through a lot of therapy, that a lot of guilt is pre-wired in a woman’s being. I think if you go back to the caveman days, we are wired to not want to be away from our young because they didn’t have caretakers then. They didn’t have nannies. We needed to keep our offspring safe, and I don’t think we’ve evolved out of that. We still have the biological urge to be with our kids, and to know that the guilt is coming from someplace biological, it helps. You realize, ‘oh, this instinct makes total sense.’ I think the same goes for dads. I hear friends complain that their husbands work even more now than before they had kids, and it’s because they’re hard-wired to want to provide.”

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Source: Yahoo! Parenting photo credit: Alyssa Milano Instagram

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