Brooke Vincent “Thankful” For Home Midwife Visits and Moves House As Her Due Date Nears

Most mums to be tend to slow down when it comes towards the end of their pregnancy, however actress Brooke Vincent — who is due any day now — has  managed to squeeze in a house move before her first child with boyfriend Kean Bryan arrives. “Thankful,” to be able to receive home midwife care, the 27 year old revealed:

🌻Still no sign of our little baby yet, Must be very comfy!! Having my appointments at home has been such a massive help in my pregnancy especially working the unpredictable hours I did and then moving house so close to my due date. Thank you to Cheryl & @private_midwives for always going above and beyond to not make our appointments rushed and for her flexibility over the past couple of weeks!!! 🌻💛

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Photo: Brooke Vincent

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