Myleene Klass Bravely Reveals She Suffered A Miscarriage While Presenting Radio

Radio personality Myleene Klass has bravely opened up and revealed how she once suffered a miscarriage whilst presenting her live radio programme — and still ploughed through to finish the show. Discussing the devastating event she said:

‘I was on air. I went to the loo while the music was playing and there was blood everywhere. I didn’t know what to do. I had one hour left of my show.

In complete shock with what was unfolding in front of her and unable to piece together what to do next, she phoned her friend and fellow DJ Lauren Laverne for support and advice.

‘She said, ‘Do one link, take a breath, come out and call me.’ She got me through. I did the next link and called her. We counted the links. I would go out, sob and come back in, take a deep breath and speak.

The 42 year old is mum to son Apollo, 17 months, with boyfriend Simon Motson and daughters Ava Bailey, 13 and Hero Harper, 9, with ex-husband Graham Quinn.

Source: Daily Mail  Photo: AP

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