Natasha Hamilton Talks About Life As a Mum Of 4 and Why She Isn’t Ready For Son Josh To Join Social Media


NEAtomic Kitten‘s Natasha Hamilton is no stranger to having a heavy workload and a busy schedule but the star says being a mum of 4 can sometimes be like a “military operation” if boyfriend Ritchie Neville is unable to be on hand to help out with their baby daughter Ella Rose, 7 months and her  three sons Josh, 12, Harry, 10, and Alfie Riad, 4.  Speaking to OK! magazine UK said:

If we’re both home, Ritchie drives Josh to the next village along from ours where he catches his bus to school, while I stay at home and get the others ready. Then I usually take Harry and Alfie to school while he looks after Ella. My life is a constant juggling act, depending on who has to be where and when.

I don’t know what I’d do without [Ritchie]. If he’s away for work then Josh always ends up being late for school, because managing all four of them in the morning on my own is a military operation!”

With Natasha soon to embarking on a tour with her Atomic Kitten bandmates it’ll mean that Ritchie will be left to hold the fort at home.

Every time I go away I get a call from Ritchie telling me all the things that are going wrong. Usually one of the kids is crying because they miss me, or the boys are arguing over a computer game. He’s brave but I think it’ll be a good bonding experience for them.

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