Natasha Hamilton Talks About Life As a Mum Of 4 and Why She Isn’t Ready For Son Josh To Join Social Media

NEAtomic Kitten‘s Natasha Hamilton is no stranger to having a heavy workload and a busy schedule but the star says being a mum of 4 can sometimes be like a “military operation” if boyfriend Ritchie Neville is unable to be on hand to help out with their baby daughter Ella Rose, 7 months and her  three sons Josh, 12, Harry, 10, and Alfie Riad, 4.  Speaking to OK! magazine UK said:

If we’re both home, Ritchie drives Josh to the next village along from ours where he catches his bus to school, while I stay at home and get the others ready. Then I usually take Harry and Alfie to school while he looks after Ella. My life is a constant juggling act, depending on who has to be where and when.

I don’t know what I’d do without [Ritchie]. If he’s away for work then Josh always ends up being late for school, because managing all four of them in the morning on my own is a military operation!”

With Natasha soon to embarking on a tour with her Atomic Kitten bandmates it’ll mean that Ritchie will be left to hold the fort at home.

Every time I go away I get a call from Ritchie telling me all the things that are going wrong. Usually one of the kids is crying because they miss me, or the boys are arguing over a computer game. He’s brave but I think it’ll be a good bonding experience for them.

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Being a first time mum to a girl – the Liverpudlian says she has noticed some differences between raising three sons to a daughter – who at 7 months can already say “Mumma” and “Dadda.”

She seems to be developing a lot faster than the boys ever dad. She recently discovered that she can use her hands to do things, so now I can’t turn my back when she’s eating or else the food ends up all over the floor.

One thing the 32-year-old is trying to get used to is the fact that eldest son Josh is turning 13 this year and has started to show an interest in social media.

He downloaded Facebook on his phone recently and I made him delete it. He’s at that age where he wants to join social media but I don’t think he’s old enough yet, especially as kids can be so mean to each other on there. It’s hard finding a happy medium between protecting him and letting him have his freedom.

Source: OK Magazine UK. Date: 28th April 2015. Issue: 978. Photo: Natasha Hamilton Twitter.

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