Kourtney Kadashian Reveals That Her Mum Is Planning Her November Baby Shower


KKPregnant Kourtney Kadashian has revealed that it will be her mum Kris Jenner who will be hosting her baby shower in November at the family home in L.A.

“The guest list is around 75 right now, and I don’t want it to be much more than that. A lot of my friends from college have babies, so I’m inviting a lot of them. And some of my family members, like my aunt, were talking about doing a family baby shower.”

However, keeping the guest list under control is proving to be a difficult task.

 “All my mom asked me for is a list. I sent her the names of people, and she emails me back, ‘Yes, those people, but invite so-and-so!’ So she’s always adding!”

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Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick Take Pregnancy Mood Swings In Their Stride


kk2Kourtney Kardashian is about six months along in to her first pregnancy and the reality TV star’s boyfriend, entrepeneur Scott Disick, has adjusted well to her mood swings, which are par for the course of expecting.

Speaking to People Kourtney revealed:

“Scott keeps getting scared. But he’s been great with my mood swings so far. He’s like, ‘Just take a deep breath.’ He heard that with the last three months [of a pregnancy] you really have mood swings so he was joking, ‘Oh, you’re not going to believe the mood swings!”

But the Kourtney & Khloe Take Miami star, 30, has everything under control.

“If I’m just trying to pick a fight with someone and if I’m around Scott or my mom, then they’ll probably get it worst. If someone is annoying me – usually my mom! – I’ll call [my sister] Khloe and it’ll make me feel better because she’ll agree with me.”

As her Christmas time due date approaches, so does the impending news of the sex of her and Scott’s  baby.

“I’ll know soon.”

Apart from being naturally curious, there’s a practical reason to knowing whether she’ll have a boy or a girl in light of the baby gifts she’s started to receive:

“How many yellow outfits do I need?” 

Source: People, photo by Seth Browarnik/Startraks

Kim Kardashian Plans Sister Kourtney’s Baby Shower and Calls Her Belly “really cute”


KK1From the sound of things, Kim Kardashian has big plans for sister Kourtney‘s baby shower – and time’s running out.

“The baby is coming. All this stuff is going to take so much time, and it’s going to be exciting at the same time.”

Kim, who recently went shopping for baby clothes with her older sister, says Kourtney has that proverbial glow.

“She’s a really cute pregnant girl. It’s just a big belly.”

But so far Kourtney has none of the junk-food cravings.

She really just wants to eat healthy food. She just only craves healthy food … I gotta get pregnant.”

Article: Hollyscoop, via People, photo by Seth Browarnik/Startraks