Una Healy Arrives At Gym For Tour Rehersals


Una Healy was seen arriving at a gym in London with her The Saturdays bandmate Mollie King on Tuesday, November 8th. The pair, who were joined soon after by the rest of their bandmates, were there to rehearse for their upcoming tour which starts in December. Una and boyfriend Ben Foden recently revealed that baby on the way is a little girl.

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Una Healy and Ben Foden Reveal They’re Expecting a Little Girl


Speaking in the recent issue ofHello! Magazine, Una Healy and her rugby star boyfriend Ben Foden revealedĀ that the baby they are expecting in March 2012 is going to be a little girl – news quite fitting for The Saturdays singer who was brought up with all girls. She said:

“I come from a family of all girls, I went to an all-girls school and I’m in a girl band, so I guess it’s fitting that I’m having a daughter.”

Boyfriend Ben says he is equally as “delighted,” with the news and although baby on the way wasn’t planned – it wasn’t that much of a surprise either.

“We weren’t trying for a baby. But we’d talked about starting a family and we’re in a loving and comitted relationship, so it wasn’t a massive shock. I was over the moon. I plan on spending the rest of my life with Una.”

While the pregnancy might not have been a big surprise – one thing that has surprised 30-year-old Una is people’s reaction to that fact that she still plans to go on tour with The Saturdays in December despite being around 6 months in her pregnancy at that point.

“I’ve been quite surprised that people have said: “How will you do this tour?” Naturally, I’ll be careful and I’d never do anything that would put our baby at risk. But I’m pregnant, not ill.

“Loads of women continue to work through their pregnancies and this is my job, so why wouldn’t I carry on doing what I love – especially when I feel so well.”

You can read the full interview on Celebrity Babies CoveredĀ in coming days!

Source: Hello! via Daily Mail. Photo courtesy Hello!