Kate Silverton Talks About The Emotional and Psychological Effect Welcoming Son Wilbur In To The Family Had On Daughter Clemency


KSWelcoming a new baby in to the family is always a joyous occasion and while welcoming son Wilbur, 10 months, was a joyous event for presenter Kate Silverton and her husband Mike Heron — it didn’t prepare her for the effect it would have on her relationship with her now 3-year-old daughter Clemency Florence Rose.

“I couldn’t have been prepared for the amount of love I felt for my little boy, having been so overwhelmingly in love with my daughter.

“I wasn’t prepared to feel so protective of him – sometimes even at the expense of my daughter’s feelings. Neither was I prepared for the guilt I would feel at spending my time trying to be the same sort of mother to Wilbur as I was to Clemency.

For Clemency — having to share her parents with a younger sibling was a hard adjustment and often resulted in several temper tantrums.  

She had more tantrums than ever before – when they can’t express their feelings verbally, a child will typically resort to physical expression: screaming, crying or, in some cases, hitting. My patience was stretched at times and I found myself saying “no” to her more often than I should.

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