Charley Webb Talks About Her Pregnancy With Boyfriend Matthew Wolfenden

Emmerdale actors Charley Webb and Matthew Wolfenden appear in OK! magazine and tell all about their excitement to welcome their first child this coming spring. They spill the beans on how they found out they were about to be parents, how Charley is feeling, Matthew’s love for her bump and more!

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On how they found out they were going to be parents:

Matthew: We knew we wanted to get married and start a family, so we started trying and it happened straight away.

Charley: We were so lucky. I kept having dizzy spells, so we did a test and it came up positive. We were gobsmacked!

Matthew: I bought about ten tests to make sure, but waiting 12 weeks before telling anyone was the hardest thing.

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On how the pregnancy has been so far for Charley:

C: My God, I don’t know why they call it morning sickness. I was sick from morning to night! Before I was pregnant I thought people were just being dramatic — but it was awful and I’ve had the worst indigestion!

I’m constantly exhausted. For the first three months I couldn’t look at a vegetable without throwing up. I was working 13-hour days, and because I had to keep it a secret, I had to pretend I had a bug for three months!

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On what Matthew thinks of Charley’s growing bump:

M: I’m over the moon, I can’t wait to meet the baby now. Charley’s got the most amazing bump! It’s made me more in love with her, seeing her like this. Every time I turn over in the night, I feel her belly and it blows my mind.

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On if Charley’s nervous about the labour:

C: I’m not nervous about the pain, but I am nervous about everything going okay.

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On how Matthew is feeling about the labour/birth:

M: Everyone keeps telling me nothing can prepare you for it. I’m such an emotional person so there’ll be lots of tears.

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On if Charley would like to try for another baby next year:

C: That might be pushing it. I couldn’t bear the sickness again so soon. But I’m sure after the baby arrives I’ll forget all about it!

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Source: OK! Magazine, Issue: 707 Date: January 12th 2010. Photos by Dan Kennedy

12 thoughts on “Charley Webb Talks About Her Pregnancy With Boyfriend Matthew Wolfenden

  1. Good luck charley you two are both made for each other. It would be nice if you would both get together in emmerdale so then you can be happy in emerdale as you are in real life and i watch it every sunday love emmerdale. Congratulations. xxxxxxxxxxx

  2. what great news for you both .you make a great couple and parents .congratulations all the best love dawn xx

  3. wow what a gorgous couple .are married now.will you have more children and what does buster look like now.who does he take after watching you mathew on dancing on ice you should defiantly win.whens charley gonna do it or come dancing shed look terrific in those dresses.

  4. omg. just seen this awww so happy for you both it must be great being parents hope your both having a great time with your little babba and just to let you no your both great at being actresses plz plz plz email me back if you can xxxx love gemma

  5. i just thought i would give you and matthew my congratulations on ur birth i just wanted to know was the labour painful because im expecting my first child and i am shit scared never done it before and dont know what to expect will u give me a few tips please thanks very much many congrats to you both louise xx

  6. Fantastic news, I am thrilled for you both. If you want a really positive birthing experience get yourself a really good Doula (birth partner) who will work with you along side Matthew to help you have a really positive active birth.

  7. You can not believe how long ive been looking for something like this. Scrolled through 6 pages of Yahoo results couldnt find diddly squat. Very first page on Bing. There this is…. Really have to start using it more often!

  8. I am very pleased for you both. You make a beautiful couple.
    I watch the programme all the time and I told my husband weeks ago that I was sure that you were pregnant. Not just because of the bump but your face had gone rounder and it makes you look ‘softer’.
    Good luck

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