Former Royal Correspondent Jennie Bond Says Princess Diana Would Have Been a “very hands on” Grandmother

JBWith the nation in full swing baby fever after the birth of Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana of Cambridge, one person who would have been in her element and at the centre of it all would have been the tot’s late grandmother Princess Diana — who is fondly remembered in her granddaughter’s name.  Former royal correspondent Jennie Bond — who knew Princess Diana well — says the Princess would have been a “very hands-on” grandmother. Speaking to OK! magazine, she said:

“[She] would have been doting, tactile and a very huggy granny in a way that the Queen, possibly, has never been. She would have wanted the grandchild to know normality, to be on the other side of privilege.”

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With  royal rules having changed in recent years and Princess Charlotte being fourth in line to the throne  after big brother George Alexander Louis, 22 months, the 64-year-old thinks she “will probably be given a little less freedom.”

“There’ll never be any question of her seniority in the way that they questioned Beatrice and Eugenie and weather they should be Princesses. She’s in line to the throne until George grows up.”

However, parents Prince William and Kate Middleton will try their best to give them as normal an upbringing as they can.

“They’ll maintain the understanding with the press that has developed over the last 10 – 15 years, giving us opportunities to see the children at significant points in their lives.”

Source: OK! magazine, Issue: 980. Date: May 12th 2015. Photo credit: Jennie Bond/Twitter

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