Coleen Rooney Takes Sons Kai and Klay to Old Trafford to Support Their Dad


Coleen Rooney took sons Kai Wayne, 5, and Klay Anthony, who turns 2 on Thursday, to Old Trafford in Manchester to support their footballer dad Wayne Rooney as he played in a premiership game on Sunday, May 17th. After the match they also went on the pitch with their dad.

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Colleen Rooney Talks Football Mum Of The Year and Sons Kai and Klay


WRHaving a professional footballer for a husband and being a mum to two boys – sons Kai Wayne, 5, and Klay Anthony, 23 months can mean that Colleen Rooney and husband Wayne [Rooney] often find it hard to have some one-on-one time. However, she tells the Daily Mail that they make sure to dedicate at least one day a week to themselves.

“When we had Klay we found that we really had no time at all but then we made sure that we had that one day a week together.

“[Now that]  that we have two kids, we make sure that we have time together. We make sure that one night a week we go out for dinner or go to the cinema or something so that we have time for each other.”

When Wayne has international commitments – like for the World Cup – it means that the 29-year-old is left to look after the boys. But luckily help is always on hand from family if she needs it.

“I’ve got a great family behind me and Wayne’s family too so we’ve always got people around us – we’re not just on our own.

“We do miss him and seeing the kids’ faces when he comes back, they’re just so overwhelmed, which is nice.”

Now that 5-year-old Kai is starting to follow in his dad’s footsteps and get in to football it means that Liverpool born Colleen will be soon driving her son to and from various matches. With that in mind, she has signed up to McDonalds Football Mum of the Year  – which plans to recognise a parent’s invaluable support and dedication for their child’s football activities.

A lot of people think it’s dads who take children to football but I think it’s about time that we recognise what the mums do.

 I know for Wayne, that when he knows we’re there, he gets more of a buzz. It was the same at the World Cup, obviously, I wanted to take the kids for them to experience it but also to support Wayne.

The McDonalds Football Mum of the Year award will be presented at Wembley Stadium on August 2nd 2015.

Source: Daily Mail  Photo: Wayne Rooney Instagram

Coleen Rooney Shops at Miss Selfridges and Declines Glossy Magazine Offers For Photos Of Her Baby


Coleen Rooney was spotted doing a bit of retail therapy and shopping at Miss Selfridges in Manchester on Sunday, October 11th. She and husband Wayne Rooney expect their first child on October 24th — which is also Wayne’s 24th birthday.

It’s also being reported today that the pair have decided to have their first child at the NHS Liverpool Woman’s Hospital instead of opting for somewhere private like the Portland in London. And despite having numerous offers from magazines for the first photos of the baby, they’ve kindly declined.

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Coleen Rooney Speaks About Her Pregnancy In OK!



CR1With just weeks to go until her due date, most mums-to-be would be at breaking point, but Coleen Rooney is calm and collected. In fact, having suffered from no morning sickness and having no weird cravings, the only tell tale sign of her pregnancy is her bump.

She and footballer husband Wayne will soon be proud parents of a little boy…or girl — they have chosen not to find out the sex. Coleen sat down with OK! magazine during a photoshoot at Holbeck Ghyll Country House Hotel and spoke of her pregnancy, how she’s been feeling and how she can’t wait till her little arrival makes his or her appearence.

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